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  1. Nihilon

    Nihilon Till Deaf Do Us Part

    New 2-CD-Live-Recording of the last Tour

    DELIQUESCENCE is a 2XCD live album recorded in 2016/17, documenting the final Swans tour of this configuration of the band. It shows the Swans live set generally as it stands now (though, as always, the set continues its transformation along the way as the tour progresses). It contains two (long) pieces that have never been, and never will be, recorded elsewhere. In addition it contains a lengthy, unfinished and discarded work in progress. As usual, the pre-existing material used in the live set is subject to constant revision/expansion. The performances were expertly (multi track and live mics) recorded and mixed, and this album and package serves as an excellent document of this mutually telepathic and fiercely exploratory version of Swans. The two concerts that provided the material for these recordings took place at Huxley’s, Berlin, and The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. The artwork is drawn/designed by Michael Gira. The art is printed on raw cardboard stock and is undercoated and embossed strategically for maximum tactile effect. Each dot represents a very specific point in time, expanding infinitely and consigned to flames. This item is sold primarily at this website and on tour. A few copies will be sold at special stores (unsigned). All copies sold at this website and at live shows are signed by M.Gira. This album is not available digitally. We are printing a maximum of 3000 and then this item will disappear forever.

    Track Listing:
    1. The Knot (new piece)
    2. Screen Shot
    3. Cloud of Forgetting
    4. Deliquescing (new, discarded)
    5. Cloud of Unknowing
    6. The Man Who Refused To Be Unhappy (new)
    7. The Glowing Man
    Total Running Time: 2 hours, 36 minutes

    Deliquescence Personnel:
    Norman Westberg: Guitar
    Christoph Hahn: Lap Steel Guitar, loops
    Christopher Pravdica: Bass Guitar
    Phil Puleo: Drums, Dulcimer
    Paul Wallfisch: Piano, Organ, Mellotron sounds
    Michael Gira: Guitar, Vocals

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  2. deleted_53

    deleted_53 Guest

    Uh. Will ich wohl.

    Die Tage erscheint auch das The Great Annihilator Vinyl/2CD (mit Drainland).
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  3. Jenny Death

    Jenny Death Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Beste Info, danke Nihilon!

    Zweitbeste Info, danke Lobi!
  4. IronUnion

    IronUnion Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Erster Gedanke: Live-CD haben wollen! Auf Webseite gegangen, in den Warenkorb geschmissen, zur Kasse gegangen. Und dann die stolzen 16,5 Dollar Versandkosten gesehen.
    Find ich eher unsexy. Falls jemand hier im Forum eine billigere Bezugsquelle kennt, eventuell sogar einen dieser special stores mit den few copies (unsigned), immer her mit der Info.
  5. Barabas

    Barabas Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Jo, die Post in den USA hat die Preise erhöht und manchmal ist UPS die billigste Variante. Danke Donald.
  6. deleted_53

    deleted_53 Guest

  7. Avo

    Avo Till Deaf Do Us Part

  8. IronUnion

    IronUnion Till Deaf Do Us Part

    "Bitte." im Sinne von
    a) "Hier bitte - die gewünschte Info" (wenn ja, wo?)
    b) "Ich möchte bitte auch diese Info haben"
    c) "IronUnion, wenn Du hier nach Informationen fragst, dann aber nicht so nassforsch mit 'immer her', sondern freundlich mit 'bitte'"?
  9. deleted_53

    deleted_53 Guest

    Avo gefällt das.
  10. Avo

    Avo Till Deaf Do Us Part

  11. LaHaine

    LaHaine Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Das Glowing-Man-Album ging irgendwie an mir vorbei, aber ich höre sehr gern ein paar der Nebenprojekte, ganz oben steht die recht eingänginge Drainland von Herrn Gira:
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  12. LaHaine

    LaHaine Till Deaf Do Us Part

  13. LaHaine

    LaHaine Till Deaf Do Us Part

  14. Jenny Death

    Jenny Death Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Glowing Man unbedingt hörn. Eines der besten Alben dieser Band.
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  15. deleted_53

    deleted_53 Guest

    Doch nochmal SWANS sehen... :jubel:

    5/16/2017 Istanbul TR Zorlu Performing Arts Center
    5/18/2017 Glasgow UK Oran Mor
    5/19/2017 Aberdeen UK The Lemon Tree
    5/20/2017 Leeds UK Stylus - Leeds University Union
    5/21/2017 Sheffield UK The Plug
    5/24/2017 Birmingham UK The Asylum
    5/25/2017 Zottegem BE Dunk!Festival
    5/26/2017 Bristol UK Trinity Community Arts
    5/27/2017 London UK Roundhouse (w Thurston Moore Band)
    5/28/2017 Manchester UK Victoria Warehouse
    5/30/2017 Dublin, IRE Button Factory
    6/2/2017 Barcelona ES Primavera Sound Festival
    6/3/2017 Moers DE Moers Festival
    6/5/2017 Biarritz FR Atabal
    6/6/2017 Angouleme FR La Nef
    6/7/2017 Rouen FR 106 Club
    6/9/2017 Porto PT NOS Primavera Sound Festival
    (all above dates feature Little Annie, with the exception of Istanbul)

    8/2/2017 Milan IT Magnolia Club Outside Concert
    8/6/2017 Katowice PL Off! Festival
    8/10/2017 Jaromer CZ Brutal Assault Festival
    8/20/2017 Las Vegas NV Psycho Las Vegas Festival
    8/22/2017 San Francisco CA Independent
    8/25/2017 Seattle WA The Neptune
    8/26/2017 Vancouver BC Venue
    8/27/2017 Portland OR Revolution Hall
    (above shows feature Okkyung Lee)

    10/4/2017 Lorient FR Le Manège
    10/5/2017 Bordeaux FR Rock School Barbey
    10/19/2017 Winterthur CH Salzhaus
    10/21/2017 Fribourg CH Fri-SON
    10/22/2017 Heidelberg DE Halle 02
    10/24/2017 Dresden DE Beatpol
    10/25/2017 Leipzig DE Conne Island
    10/26/2017 Berlin DE Berghain
    10/28/2017 Bremen DE Lagerhouse

    (above shows feature Baby Dee)

    11/2/2017 Brooklyn NY Warsaw (w Carla Bozulich)
    11/3/2017 Brooklyn NY Warsaw (w Anna von Hausswolff)
    11/4/2017 Brooklyn NY Warsaw (w Adult.)

    The past 7 years of my life have been the most productive and fulfilling of my career. It’s not my place to draw qualitative distinctions between the previous and current periods, and I wouldn’t presume any expertise in doing so, but from a personal perspective, this time period has been the most consistently engaging and even enthralling in my recollection. I thank here Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Thor Harris, Phil Puleo, Christopher Pravdica and our most recent convert, Paul Wallfisch, for their commitment to ecstasy and their sheer stamina in this marathon adventure. Much love to these intrepid explorers of sonic truth! May God snatch us all by his teeth and fling us out over his shoulder into the great black beyond, where we will spin slowly and infinitely through space with an ever-nascent smile emerging on our face.

    … and what’s next? Musically, I have no clear idea, and don’t really want one at this juncture. I seem to have the sound of a sustained chord in my mind – not the striking of the chord, but what hangs in the air after as it dissipates, and what surrounds it, and I look forward to filling that out, traveling there. Certainly, there will be some singing involved, though not necessarily all by me, and words, words, I’m always looking for words, irreducible and implacable – an impossible goal. We’ll see how that goes…I will continue to use the name Swans, but will revert to a cast of revolving contributors, drawing on a pool of men and women I’ve worked with along the way (and new ones too), including of course, with their permission, the gentlemen listed above. But the idea of having a fixed band and the responsibilities it entails is exhausting and impossible to even contemplate, and I suspect those listed above would concur. So, things will be different, much different, out of necessity and hope. I used to say I’m always happiest when I’m leaving, but that’s no longer the case. Stasis is not attractive to me, however, and is probably unhealthy, so I’ll look for new ways to… dissolve. Some of those ways will be in public, I presume, in the form of occasional short tours and one-off special shows…

    …In addition to new music, I’ll be working on making sure the Swans catalog is all reissued properly and stays in print in the best possible form and packaging (which is just as important to me as the music itself), and there’s talk of a Swans oversized art book, containing all the art to date and its related aspects and offshoots… I’m working slowly on building a new collection of short fiction too. God knows when that will come to fruition, if ever… There’s an oral history of Swans book in the works… The Swans documentary by Marco Porsia, “Where Does a Body End?” is ever-burgeoning and progressing, from what I hear. I’m very thankful to Marco that he’s taken such an interest and has dedicated such a large portion of his time and energy to this and is persisting. Here’s a link to that if you don’t know about it: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/where-does-a-body-end-a-docum…

    As new projects appear we’ll of course send out a newsletter, so if you are interested please stay signed up. Again, if you want off the list, please let us know.
    I can think of nothing else that needs saying at the moment. I love you. Bye! – Michael Gira / Swans / May 2017
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  16. IronUnion

    IronUnion Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Danke für die Info, wie ich die 16,50$ Versandkosten sparen kann.
  17. deleted_53

    deleted_53 Guest

    Bis dahin dürfte die CD ausverkauft sein. Sammelbestellung bringt leider auch nicht viel. Bei vier CDs inkl. Steuern wäre man bei 35€ je CD plus nochmaliges Inlandporto.
  18. Guardian

    Guardian Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Ja, ja, jaaaaaaaaa... Quasi um die Ecke in Bremen und dann auch noch an einem Samstag. :jubel: :top: :verehr:
  19. Albi

    Albi Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Termin ist notiert!!!:)
  20. avi

    avi Till Deaf Do Us Part

    Bremen, Berlin oder Leipzig!
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