Neu im LP/CD Regal - der Einkaufsthread Teil II

Tetragrammacide - Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

Tetragrammacide - Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur'an

Nach dem der @Ageless_Venomous das aktuelle Tetragrammacide Album so abgefeiert hat habe ich mich noch mal ein wenig intensiver reingehört und siehe da: Es hat auch bei mir "Klick!" gemacht.
Gar nicht so noisig, wie ich dachte, eher eine DMlastigere Version von Black Witchery (so wie ich das einschätzen kann). Und auch der Gesang sagt mir sehr zu...bin gespannt wenn ich das Album das erste mal über die Anlage höre.
Eigentlich wollte ich mir im Plattenladen die neue Chelsea Wolff kaufen...war aber nicht da. Stattdessen wurden es dann:

Creeper - Sanguivore

Fever Ray - Radical Romantics

Andracca - To Bare the Weight of Death

Savatage - Live Devastation

Unreleased live album from Savatage!
The story is simple: Atlantic Records gave no permission for Metal Blade Records to release it.
Reissue limited to 300 copies.

«Live Devastation» is the Savatage live album that never was released.
It was completed with a cover artwork done by Gary Smith however the label Metal Blade cancelled it
at the last minute because they didn’t have the proper clearance from Atlantic Records (Savatage's then-current label)
to release it, featuring the late Chriss Oliva.

Only a few Metal Blade promos were made of this release in normal promo paper cover.
The first 8 tracks are during their “Hall Of The Mountain King” tour,
while the last 8 tracks are from the Z-Rock FM broadcast from a show in Cleveland on the 15th of October 1987.


War Games / Bess​


GMT has Robin Mcauley (MSG etc.) on vocals and Philty “Animal” Taylor on drums.

Wurzel is the solo EP from the Motörhead guitarist released in 1987.
«Bess» was never released on CD.

Judas Priest - The Lost Gospels (Rarities and Outtakes)​

1. Tears Of Blood
2. Creatures
3. What's My Name
4. Rapid Fire '98*
5. The Green Manalishi '98*
6. Living Bad Dreams
7. Fire Burns Below
8. Thunder Road
9. Heart Of A Lion**
10. All Fired Up
11. Red, White & Blue
12. Turn On Your Lights
13. Prisoner Of Your Eyes
14. Fight For Your Life
15. Race With The Devil
16. Hero Hero**

* Re-recorded versions
** Demo recordings


1. Rapid Fire (with Sacred Reich)
2. The Wizard (with Geezer Butler and Bullring Brummies)
3. The One You Love To Hate (with Bruce Dickinson)
4. Man On The Silver Mountain (with Vinny Appice and Dough Aldrich)
5. Ready To Burn (with Krokus)
6. Goddamn Devil (with Ugly Kid Joe)
7. Light Comes Out Of Black (with Pantera)
8. Lift Me Up (with Five Finger Death Punch)
9. Black Wedding (with In This Moment)
10. Straight Up (with Phil Campbell)
11. Push Comes To Shove (with Bad Penny and Militia Vox)
12. Delivering The Goods (with Skid Row)
13. Rapid Fire (with Metallica)
14. Painkiller/ Breaking The Law (with Baby metal)

Bonus tracks
* 15. We Three Kings (live with Slash, Jason Bonham and Steve Lukather)
16. War Pigs (live with Black Sabbath)
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